The installation method of sealing ring of hydraulic pressure crock

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Before sealing ring of hydraulic pressure crock is installed, answer to check quality of weather strip surface above all, must not have flash, burr, crack, cut a margin. Air hole and loose wait for blemish, the geometrical dimension of weather strip and precision should accord with standard requirement. Aperture is encircled by O form with assorted sealing ring and wear-resisting annulus is comprised (1) seeing a picture. Because circle of form of O of hydraulic pressure crock is stretch bigger, installation compares easy; and wear-resisting annulus flexibility is poorer, if install each step of a piston, groove directly easy cut its sealing contact surface, affect sealed result. To assure when to wear-resisting annulus is installed, be not damaged, should take certain installation step. Wear-resisting annulus basically gets together by fill 4 fluorine ethylene (PTFE) material is made, have anticorrosive characteristic, hot coefficient of expansion is bigger, before reason is installed, be in its first 20min immerses in the oily fluid of 100 ℃ , make its chase gradual change soft, in using the groove that the graph shows tool 2 times to load its the piston next. The graph shows tool 2 times to cover and go up by fixed position a composition. Does ministry of fixed position turtleneck have 5? Pour wine cup, use at guiding O form circle and wear-resisting annulus to load a piston to carry ministry groove. Go up heat treatment makes a classics of better by flexibility 65 Mn steel, treatment becomes the 8 valve structure of even semmetry. Those who need an attention is, when the alveolus that machines each valve bottom, graduation wants even, mill opens the center that should make curium the mouth aims alveolus when each valve, cover each valve to be able to go up equably with assuring to go up. At the same time each place should undertake (smooth) pour wine cup, lest damage sealing ring. The sealing ring of norms of avery kind of is due a corresponding tool will make sure its assemble a requirement. The phenomenon that sealing ring does not allow to cockle, screwy, cut and outfit are turned over after installation is finished exists. The graph is shown 3 times for canister of crock of hydraulic pressure crock, kong Changan discharges the whorl on crock canister to be machined after welder foreword, want inevitably to export the boundary with crock canister wall to produce burr in whorl aperture so. For cleared burr, must design make special cutting tool undertakes machining to its, achieve the goal that transfers glossily. The structure of special cutting tool. When using, insert arbor the person from inside whorl aperture first, it is knife head installation from flank next on arbor, rotate to arbor can get rid of burr and machine a smooth and whole face. Because its are had,another kind of weather strip is the Y form sealing ring with polyurethane qualitative material tall hardness, tall flexibility, oil resistant, wear-resisting and be able to bear or endure the advantage such as microtherm, use extensively in hydraulic pressure oil cylinder. Its inside, outside the axis uses the foundation or Kong Yongke makes the lip differ tall figure, arrive in order to rise sealed the action that protects with oneself. Differ circle of form of tall lip Y, its are short lip and sealing surface contact, sliding friction resistance is little, wearability is good, long lip of life long; and blame have relative to athletic appearance reduce an amount more greatly beforehand, not easy change is moved when the job. As a result of polyurethane material simple Y look encircles hardness tall, reduce an amount beforehand big, installing, sealing ring often can be caused to be squeezed defeat when changing, break up to coil and bite the attaint phenomenon such as the edge, do not have due sealed effect thereby, even invalidation. When assembling, we ever went to cylinder diameter of sealed lip edge with screwdriver in press; or use fine iron wire sealing ring outside the lip is bound close, make its external diameter is less than the internal diameter of the crock, send a crock sealing ring next inside, take out fine iron wire again. But way of these two kinds of outfit is easy sealing ring cut, bring about sealed invalidation, increase maintenance time. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, we are used 0.

The cold-rolled steel with thick Lmm is taken or cupreous skin cuts his growing square, its length is equal to Y form to encircle the circumference of external diameter, wrap sealing ring with it next close, another nods the ground to send into canister of crock of hydraulic pressure crock, after mouth of the lip outside waiting for enters crock canister entirely, take out its again, installation effect is better. CNC Milling