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Skin of oxidation of spare parts purify. 2.

The spare parts is machined apparently, not due the nick, abrade blemish that mars spare parts appearance. 3.

Purify burr flash.   of heat treatment requirement 4.

Via moving qualitative processing, HRC50 ~ 55. 5.

The spare parts undertakes high frequency quench, 370 ℃ of 350 ~ temper, HRC40 ~ 45. 6.

Cementite deepness 0.

3mm. 7.

Have high temperature ageing treatment.   of tolerancepublic errand requirement 8.

Did not note appearance public errand to should accord with the requirement of GB1184-80. 9.

Did not note ± of length permissible variation in dimension 0.

5mm. 10.

Belt of cast public errand is symmetrical at semifinished product cast basic measure is configured.   of spare parts edges and corners 11.

Did not note R5 of round horn radius. 12.

Did not note horn to all be 2 × 45 ° . 13.

Acute angle / pointed horn / acute edge is blunt. Assemble requirement   14.

Oil must be soaked before each weather strip is assembled. 15.

Assemble scroll bearing to allow to use engine oil to heat undertake shrinkage fitting, oily temperature must not exceed 100 ℃ . 20.

After gear is assembled, the osculatory stain of tooth flank and backlash should accord with the regulation of GB10095 and GB11365. 21.

When assembling hydraulic pressure system, allow to use sealed filling or fluid sealant, but in should preventing to enter a system. 22.

Enter constructional part and component (include bought-in component, cooperation part) , all must have examine sectional certificate of approval just can undertake constructional. 23.

The spare parts must clear before assemble and clean clean, must not have burr, flash, oxidation skin, rustily, cut bits, smeary, colorant and dirt to wait. 24.

Before assembling, answer 0, of the component basically coordinate measure, be filled with too especially cooperate dimension and relevant precision to undertake checking. 25.

The spare parts in rigging a process does not allow knock, touch, cut and rustily. 26.

When bolt, bolt and nut originally closely, forbidden blow or use come back improperly provide and spanner. Head of chamfer of the bolt after close solid, nut and bolt, bolt does not get damage. 27.

Set the fastener that screws pitching moment asks, must use pitching moment wrench, press a regulation screw pitching moment tightens solid. 28.

Same part uses many bolt (bolt) when close solid, each bolt (bolt) need across, symmetrical, progressively, even screw. 29.

Conic annul Tu Se should go to check with Kong Yingjin when assembling, its contact rate should not is less than 60% what cooperate length, answer to distributing equably. 30.

Two flank should contact the keyway on smooth key and axis equably, its cooperate a face to must not have space. 31.

Spline assembles the tooth flank that contacts at the same time to count not less than 2/3, the length that osculatory rate ages in key and high direction are not gotten under 50% . 32.

Slip assorted smooth key (or spline) after assembling, photograph fittings shift freelies, must not have degree of tightness not all phenomenon. 33.

Stick after receiving, should keep clear of those who pour out of is redundant stick receive a dose. 34.

Bearing outer lane and bearing opening type the semicircle aperture that reachs bearing top forbids to card lives phenomenon. 35.

Bearing outer lane and bearing opening type the contact of semicircle Kong Ying that reachs bearing top is good, when be being checked with Tu Se, with bearing in semmetry at central line 120 ° , at central line in semmetry with bearing lid the limits a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of 90 ° is contacted equably. When be being checked with feet of a place of strategic importance inside afore-mentioned limits, 0.

The feet of a place of strategic importance of 03mm does not get a place of strategic importance to enter the 1/3 of outer lane width. 36.

After bearing outer lane is assembled, with fixed position upright bearing builds end panel to should be contacted even. 37.

After scroll bearing has been installed, turn with the hand Ying Ling is vivid, smooth. 38.

The combinative area of fluctuation plain bearing liner is important be stuck closely and, with 0.

Examination of feet of 05mm a place of strategic importance is not entered. 39.

When selling fixed plain bearing liner with fixed position, should be in those who assure face of made of baked clay mouth and end panel and relevant bearing aperture to leave add up to face and end panel bag to keep balance bore with a reamer of neat condition run the drilling tool into the well, deserve to sell. 40.

The bearing body of spherical bearing and bearing should contact equably, with Tu Se the law is checked, its contact should not is less than 70% . 41.

When surface of alloy bearing line becomes yellow, forbid to use, forbid to have appearance leaving a nucleus inside osculatory horn of the regulation, 10% what must not be more than gross area of blame contact area in the area leaving a nucleus outside contacting horn. 42.

Gear (worm wheel) fiducial end panel and axial shoulder (or fixed position covers end panel) should joint, with 0.

Examination of feet of 05mm a place of strategic importance is not entered. Should make sure gear is fiducial the verticality requirement of end panel and axes. 43.

The combinative scale of gear case and lid should be contacted good. 44.

The acute angle that the close check before assembling remains when treatment of cleared spare parts, burr and eyewinker. When making sure weather strip is loaded not by abrade. Cast requirement   45.

Cast apparently not be patient of is cold lie between, crackle, shrinkage cavity and penetrability blemish and serious misshapen kind of blemish (if owe casting, damage,wait) . 46.

Cast should clear clean, must not have burr, flash, blame treatment makes clear those who go up irrigate rising head to should clear make the same score together with cast surface. 47.

Cast blame machines apparently typecasting and mark to answer clear but differentiate, the position and font should accord with design requirement. 48.

Cast is not the surface roughness that machines the surface, sand mold casts R, do not be more than 50 μ M. 49.

Cast should keep clear of irrigate rising head, flying thorn to wait. Blame treatment apparently irrigate allowance of rising head incomplete to want a shovel smooth, burnish, achieve exterior quality requirement. 50.

The molding sand on cast, core is arenaceous should keep clear of clean with core bone. 51.

Cast has belt of public errand of declining place, its dimension to answer to be configured along bend cant semmetry. 52.

The molding sand on cast, core is bone of arenaceous, core, meaty, stick sand to wait should shovel grind level off, clear clean. 53.

To the fault model, protruding stage casting slants etc should give amend, achieve round glide to cross, assure exterior quality. 54.

Cast is not the ruffle that machines the surface, deepness is less than 2mm, span should be more than 100mm. 55.

The blame of machine product cast machines the surface to all need gush bolus processing or platen processing, achieve cleanness to spend the requirement of Sa2 1/2 class. 56.

Cast must undertake Shui Ren is handled. 57.

Cast surface should level off, runner, burr, stick arenaceous etc should keep clear of clean. 58.

Cast does not allow existence to have damage at what use cold lie between, crackle, hole cast blemish. Besmear installs requirement   59.

The iron and steel that all need undertake besmearing installing makes a surface be before lacquer, must wait for skin of ferruginous, oxidation, grease, dirt, clay, salt and contamination eliminate. 60.

Before dividing rust, wait for eliminate iron and steel to make the grease of a surface, bilge with organic dissolvent, lye, emulsifying agent, vapour first. 61.

Classics gush bolus or the time-interval of the appearance waiting for besmear that eliminates rust by hand and besmear priming paint do not get over 6h. 62.

Riveting the surface of mutual contact, must besmear before join ply is 30 ~ antirust lacquer of 40 μ M. Build receive brim application paint, be bored with child or stick receive an agent to close. As a result of machine or solder the priming paint of attaint, want recoat outfit. Tubing requirement   63.

All pipe before assembling purify canal carries flash, burr and should pour wine cup. With what compress air or other method to be clear that pipe wall adheres to sundry become rusty with float. 64.

Before assembling, all steel tube (include prefab shape pipeline) should undertake defatted, pickling, counteract, bath and antirust processing. 65.

When assembling, wait for the position that secures with threaded coupling to want to screw to providing clip, pedestal, flange and contact, prevent to become loose. 66.

Prefab finished pipe solders place should undertake compression experiments. 67.

Tubing is replaced or when have a change of luck, must block pipeline depart mouth up heal with adhesive plaster or plastic pipe, prevent any sundry enter, and fasten label.   of filling weldment requirement 68.

Before soldering, must keep clear of blemish thoroughly, the level that groove face should decorate is pliable, do not get horn having a tip to exist. 69.

According to cast steel defect case, can use a shovel to dig to weld zone blemish, grinding, charcoal arc enrages dig, gas cutting or the method such as machining keeps clear of. 70.

All round weld zone and groove of 20mm less than stick the dirty content such as arenaceous, oily, water, rust to must clear thoroughly. 71.

In soldering whole process, cast steel the temperature of warm-up area is not gotten under 350 ° C. 72.

Below the condition that allows in the condition, apply solder in horizontal position as far as possible. 73.

When filling solder, welding rod should have not been done big transverse swing. 74.

Cast steel when exterior v is received, the jackknife quantity between solder path must not be less than the 1/3 of solder path width. Solder flesh is full, solder side does not have burn, crackle and apparent knot tumour. Welding line exterior is beautiful, without bite the flesh, add broken bits, stomatic, crackle, splatter wait for blemish; Solder wave is even. Forging requirement   75.

The excision with the water mouth of ingot, due and enough rising head is measured, slant badly in order to make sure forging is mixed without shrinkage cavity fold. 76.

Forging should make take shape in the forge on the forging press that has sufficient capacity, in order to make sure sufficient forge penetrates forging interior. 77.

Forging not the exterior blemish that the crackle with macroscopical be patient of, fold and other influence use. Local defect can keep clear of, but clear 75% what deepness must not exceed mental allowance, forging is not treatment apparently blemish should clear clean and round glide is crossed. 78.

Forging does not allow existence white spot, in-house crackle and leftover shrinkage cavity. Cutting adds work requirement   79.

The spare parts should be checked by working procedure, check and accept, after advanced course working procedure checks qualification, just can turn into next line working procedure. 80.

The spare parts after treatment does not allow hairiness to prick. 81.

When the spare parts after finish machining is put, must not put on the ground directly, should adopt prop up necessarily, safeguard. Machine a face not the blemish such as eat by moth of rust of be patient of and the knock against that affect function, life or exterior, cut. 82.

Roll the face that presses finish machining, boil there must not be desquamate appearance after pressing. 83.

The spare parts after final process heat treatment, the surface is not due oxidation skin. Pass precision work cooperate face, tooth flank not due anneal   84.

The whorl surface of treatment not black skin of be patient of, knock against, chaos is buckled and the blemish such as burr. CNC Milling