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Dust the technical level that machine tool of mark ELC 160 precedes by right of the outstanding performance in automation respect and world, win east wind day to produce favor by the company that use a car, basically use at gear-box gear cutting. Cooperate to assisted east wind to capture a few catastrophe that wait for a respect in space, cost, technology close first, between implementation enterprise joint durative development. The flying development of auto industry also rises with each passing day to producing the demand of equipment, efficient, high-powered relying on a gender with Gao Ke is numerous and truckload the manufacturing demand with production and component production the mainest company. East wind day produces a hope to pass as synchronous as the world technology research and development and high quality production, offer for Chinese consumer the newest, most calculable drive by the experience. East wind day produces no less than to introduce by undersecretary of ministry of PT of the company that use a car Mr Gao Zhenghao: "The attention dot that we did not come to is how to be a client to offer the product kimono Wu that has value most from beginning to end, the shift that lets a client experience rich human nature is changed lives, the demand that we did not come to also will around how to make the product that has value most. " accordingly, on the alternative that produces equipment in opposite, high quality, efficient it is east wind day produces the basiccest choice standard undoubtedly. The automation machine tool that tall sex price compares offers day of efficient solution east wind to produce the place that taking the market that use a car and by with the car intense market competition makes his right the demand that produces equipment is very slashing also with discretion. "With dust the formal contact of mark is the earliest be 2011, use from this decision dust the laser beam welding of mark receives facility, its are main the reason is dust the tall sex price of mark machine tool is compared. " memory of Mr Gao Zhenghao says. As we have learned, east wind day produces what choose finally is dust the ELC 160 machine tool of mark, basically use at gear-box JR1/2/4 archives the press fitting of 3 kinds of gear, solder, flaw detection treatment. Solder the diameter is 61.

565 (1/2 archives) , 55.

985 (4 archives) , material is 20MC5 and 27MC5. Design requirement metre is 0.

85min, at present actual metre is 0.

7min, at present stand-alone overall efficiency can be amounted to 90% . "This is a new project, it is before machine tool of choice dust mark, our challenge basically is how to realize press fitting, solder, 3 working procedure are in flaw detection the implementation on same table equipment, original equipment chooses plan is to buy 3 equipment to undertake parting machining. " Mr Gao Zhenghao says, "And dust the problem that mark machine tool solved us faultlessly. " dust machine tool of mark ELC 160 realized one machine multi-purpose, the capital that reduced 3 facility is thrown and cover an area of an area, produce huge for east wind day managing cost Mr Gao Zhenghao says, it is for example in the welder foreword of 1 archives gear, dust the ELC 160 machine tool of mark realized one machine multi-purpose, greatly managing cost. The capital that reduced 3 facility above all is thrown and cover an area of an area, realized single class depletion of numbers 0.

The employee of 5 people is devoted; Next, dust machine tool of mark ELC 160 carries reasonable option interference, solder power and rotate speed are compared, coming true high quality solder while, need not have the turning process after soldering, saved time cost, improved manufacturing efficiency. "Having modern manufacturing facilities is the main component that east wind day produces the strategy to carry out. " Mr Gao Zhenghao says, "Dust mark equipment stability is good, offerred to realize high quality product strong assure, equipment automation rate is high at the same time, reduced manpower cost and the exercise intensity that operate personnel effectively. " as we have learned, dust machine tool of mark ELC 160 is compositive system of workpiece fluctuation makings and laser beam welding receive technology, carry principal part of shaft coupling of press fitting of technology of CNC joint punch, all parameter related to quality pass CNC control, and can restore afresh. When soldering, CNC can identify automatically solder object; When detecting, can undertake to the workpiece of different character man-to-man flaw detection is checked, implemented the high automation of manufacturing process, reduce labour cost while, stronger those who assured production is efficient and high quality. The advanced technique promotes an enterprise effectively machine tool of ELC 160 of mark of actual strength dust produce in east wind day basically use at gear-box JR1/2/4 archives the press fitting of 3 kinds of gear, solder, flaw detection treatment. Its produce a demand is to must accomplish those who solder to be brought with hot influence equably to be out of shape small; In the meantime, the product combined tine to design 3 3 ungual hole, the implementation when the requirement is soldering identifies automatically and keep away from 3 ungual aperture undertake soldering, quite tall to equipment precision requirement, the 3 ungual opening that also need to solder to needing when ultrasonic flaw detection have automatic screen. The gear that laser beam welding receives and union age " dust the fixed and optical system of machine tool of mark ELC 160 and automation design are right us very important. " Mr Gao Zhenghao introduces, "Fixed and optical system carries generator of Luo Fen laser, can assure soldering character effectively, the gear-box that makes sure we are produced thereby can be in all sorts of abominable roads besides next safe travel. Dust the reinforce of rich laser beam welding that mark accumulates in abroad solved the problem in making to also offer very great help to us with experience, solved workpiece to solder be out of shape, welding line the difficult problem such as raised, solder bead, company actual strength got very big promotion accordingly. " as we have learned, dust the laser beam welding in machine tool of mark ELC 160 receives transmission annulus and shaft coupling principal part is to assure gear-box structure the crucial technology with compact, high power. Advanced laser and perfect clamp technology assured infinitesimal adequately solder be out of shape, ensure transmission movement is smoother thereby, noise is lower. Dust mark laser beam welding receives equipment to control shaft coupling principal part transmission annulus first, reoccupy laser solders these two spare partses together. And produce demand according to what differ, dust mark laser beam welding receives equipment to be had more extend capacity formidably. Additional " in be being produced daily, measure to ensure the product is simple, dust machine tool of mark ELC 160 can work through carrying out standardization, machine each movement standardization in order to ensure character; In the meantime, to make character has double assure, also can have on treatment facilities corresponding measurement and the device that prevent a fault; Dust what mark machine tool still has different character component and press fitting depth is automatic detect function, all workpiece undertake 1/1 flaw detection detects, offerred to assure product quality strong assure, produce for east wind day ' safe car ' make provided strong safeguard. " Mr Gao Zhenghao says. Double win collaboration to develop continuously " achieve value in all, conspire happiness and benefit " it is east wind day those who produce existence is essential. Mr Gao Zhenghao emphasizes: "East wind day is produced with dust it is between mark a kind pair of winning cooperation. " " prospective whole world is used up to fuel and exhaust emission standard will be rigidder and rigidder, this asks the precision of car component is taller and taller, ask tigidity of our treatment machine tool is good, precision is tall; In the meantime, prospective labour cost also is met taller and taller, pass the promotion of automation level only, realize labour cost reduce, ability retains the competition ability of the enterprise. Only with dust mark such company cooperates, of the implementation company with better ability strategical develop. " Mr Gao Zhenghao says. Dust mark supplied high quality machine tool equipment not only, produce what also be without reservation at the same time for east wind day undertake relevant technology groom, produce the respect of soft actual strength in promotion employee to have very big stimulative effect for east wind day. "Laser beam welding is received is a new technology to us, technical personnel is in this respect is very fragile. For this dust mark is in technically each respect such as method of equipment principle, maintenance offerred relevant technical knowledge to groom for us, make our employee got very big promotion on intellectual level. " Mr Gao Zhenghao says. Face the change of prospective market, mr Gao Zhenghao expresses: "We will be adjusted jointly with our partner, accomplish it is with the client from beginning to end oriented, realize an enterprise thereby between joint durative development. " about dust mark is converse the innovation processing technique of thinking founded dust the industry of mark company is banner position. 1992 dust mark company craftsmanship is provided alone, roll out the convert type lathe with clever conception first, make a great coup. After this, dust mark company makes persistent efforts, grind again gave out new convert form muti_function manufacturing center. Nowadays, dust mark already the manufacturer that renown accord with becomes machine tool of type of the convert on the world to hold the balance actually. Round headquarters sets Aimakeji in German Sa to help hertz city, traditional and long, the machine tool is made seasoned. Its engineering technology is full-scale and perfect, can provide treatment for the user dish kind, axis kind with casing kind the machine tool of the spare parts and manufacturing system. No matter be lathe, still be grinder, gear-hobbing machine, laser beam welding is received machine or it is machining center -- the group can be Aimakeji almost all application offer first-rate to produce program. Produce east wind day about east wind day held water on June 16, 2003 by the company that use a car, it is the multiplying with subordinate and main limited company of east wind car uses car board piece, be engaged in taking the research and development that use a car, purchase, make, business of sale, service, it is the has total value catenary car production company with domestic not much number. East wind day is produced by the company that use a car by the flower factory, assist in relief factory, Zhengzhou factory, Dalian factory, and engine branch and composition of center of research and development, have stuff about 16, 000 people. In September 2010, east wind day is produced release own brand formally " start day " . "Start day " be born, indicate day produces an east wind to already was entered " double brand " operation phase. Start celestial bodies brand, china of base oneself upon; Respect the high quality demand of each Chinese, let each Chinese enjoy cheerful high quality car to live. Opened sales volume of accumulative total of celestial bodies brand to achieve 100 thousand in December 2013, rolled out first brand that start day to measure motor-car yield electricity at the same time " E30 " . Start day will all-around those who promote concept of environmental protection of low carbon green gain ground with development, offer for Chinese consumer " everybody enjoys · everybody easily to be driven easily " product of pure electric car, lead brand-new control times, bring Chinese consumer brand-new green life. Current, east wind day is produced already formed high-end category, admiral category, domestic litter category, vogue to move feeling category and SUV category to wait for layout of model of 5 large category, it is the model inside the industry one of industries with most, the wholest product line. In October 2012, east wind day produces the 4 millionth truckload get offline, refresh industry is the fastest record. To 2015, east wind day produces 4 large base truckload always produce can hopeful reachs 1.5 million from 1 million existing promotion. Current, 4 big truckload manufacturing base all has punch, solder, the workshop of 5 old technology such as besmear outfit, general assembly and colophony, product quality and manufacturing efficiency are more advanced than humeral international level. CNC Milling